Space restrictions

Sabre manual

There are two types of space restriction in SABRE.
  • A restriction on the total amount of data that can be stored and on the number of measurements/cases.
  • A restriction on the number of variables and on the number of parameters that can be estimated in a model.

At any time while using SABRE, typing


will show the current limits on these values and the amount of space that has been used. The value for space is decreased by one for every data item held. In addition to overall space restrictions for the storage of parameter estimates and covariances, there is also a restriction on the maximum number of parameters which can be estimated for each model. This number includes even those parameters which may be aliased for a particular model. You can change these limits when starting Sabre by making use of the command line options dat, obs, var & par.

If you wish to reduce storage requirements while Sabre is running, you may delete variates using

DELETE variables

This may be particularly useful after declaring a factor or transforming a variable where the original variable is no longer needed. Because SABRE stores the whole design matrix it is also worthwhile noting that a factor with n levels takes up n times as much space as a variable (which has only one level).

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