Using Sabre: Command line options

Sabre manual

Sabre 6.0 has a number of command line options which may be applied to Sabre on startup. These options may optionally be prefixed with the characters "-" or "/". The full list is as follows:

Data limit options

The four options dat, obs, var & par allow the user to override the default limits on data space as indicated by the DISPLAY LIMITS command. Limits can therefore be increased to accommodate large problems or decreased to allow smaller problems to be solved on machines where memory is limited.

Sets the amount of space available for the incoming data.

Sets the space available in the response array. (Note that the space reported by DISPLAY LIMITS is actually 4 times this value.)

Sets the maximum number of variables.

Sets the maximum number of parameters.

Other options

Allows Sabre to read commands from a file instead of the Standard Input channel.


sabre.exe /dat=200000000

will load sabre with a data limit of 200000000 (assuming that you have called the executable file sabre.exe)

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