Sabre manual

Syntax: CASE variable
CASE keyword=variable [ keyword=variable ] where keyword is FIRST or SECOND.

The CASE command defines the variable which contains the case structure of the data. By default, this is taken to be the first name given in the list of variables specified in the DATA command; the CASE command is provided to override this default setting. The current case variable may be obtained by issuing the DISPLAY VARIABLES command.

CASE FIRST=variable specifies the name of the level 2 case in 3-level models.

CASE SECOND=variable specifies the name of the level 3 case in 3-level models.

For 3-level models, the level 2 case variable must be nested within the level 3 case variable and the dataset must be sorted on the level 3 case variable and then the level 2 case variable.

The CASE command has no effect on model fitting instigated using the LFIT command.

Sabre manual

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