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  Cross sectional Longitudinal
Examples Exercises Examples Exercises
Area model data model data model data model data
Linear Model linear model Example C1 hsb.dat linear model Exercise C1 grader2.dat linear model Example L1 pefr.dat linear model Exercise L1 ghq2.dat
Linear Model linear model Example C2 hsb.dat linear model Exercise C2 neighborhood.dat neighborhood2.dat linear model Example L2 nls.dat linear model Exercise L2 wagepan.dat
Linear growth models         linear growth model Example L3 growth.dat linear growth model Exercise L3 ezunem2.dat
Generalised linear multilevel models Binary response model Example C3 thaieduc1.dat thaieduc2.dat binary response model Exercise C3 essays2.dat binary response model Example L4 nls.dat binary response model Exercise L4 wagepan.dat
Multilevel models for ordered categorical variables Ordered response model Example C4 teacher2.dat ordered response model Exercise C4 essays_ordered.dat Ordered response model Example L5 schiz.dat ordered response model Exercise L5, Exercise L6 abortion2.dat abortion2.dat respiratory2.dat respiratory3.dat
Multilevel poisson models Poisson model Example C5 racd.dat Poisson Model Exercise C5 headache2.dat Poisson model Example L6 drvisits.dat poisson model Exercise L8 epilep.dat
Event history Models         Cloglog model Example L7 vac4-filled.dat vac4-lapsed.dat cloglog model Exercise L7 roch2.dat
Bivariate models same link Bivariate Poisson Model Example C6 visit-prescribe.dat bivariate poisson model Exercise C6 racd.dat visit-nonpresc.dat Bivariate Competing risk model Example L8 vac4-filled-lapsed.dat bivariate linear model Exercise L9 pefr.dat wm-wp.dat
Bivariate models mixed links         Bivariate model linear and probit Example L9 union-wage.dat bivariate model linear and logit Exercise L10 wagepan.dat union-wage.dat

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Sabre command, data and log files for the 2 level examples (size 47.7M bytes).

Data files for the 2 level exercises (size 832K bytes).

Sample solutions for the 2 level exercises (size 5.41K bytes).

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